steve roggenbuck . poet + video artist . vegan . this blog is mostly my creative portfolio . i use liefplus for reblogs + personal stuff

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hi hi im steve roggenbuck!! im a 26 year old poet from rural michigan. i’m the first poet to be declared a meme by know your meme. my work has been covered by rolling stone, npr, the fader, gawker, and the ny times style mag. i recently started boost house, a publisher & residency in maine. i live vegan and drug-free

on this site: live my lief is a tumblr blog of my main creative output; lief+ is a tumblr of bonus updates & links; and vegan frickwad is my vegan blog. i also have print bookse-booksinterviews, live videos, and essays

if u want to support me, u might buy my books, show my videos to your friends, or book me for an event !!

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